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Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) is all about staying ahead of security threats by adopting an agile approach. With PTaaS, your system undergoes continuous testing and scanning. This includes a combination of automated vulnerability assessment tools and manual testing by experts. This ongoing process helps uncover any potential security weaknesses that could emerge, especially after software updates. By taking this proactive approach, you’re always well-informed about your system’s security and can quickly address any issues with patches.

The advantages of using PTaaS are numerous. You get real-time testing, which means you receive feedback on even the smallest system changes promptly. Plus, you have easy access to security experts who can provide valuable insights. With this approach, you receive timely alerts about security gaps that may arise due to code changes, along with recommendations on how to fix these issues.

Why do you need Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) model over traditional pentesting? 

PTaaS outshines traditional penetration testing for various compelling reasons. Organizations leaning on conventional pentesting find themselves at a higher risk of cyberattacks, as their security measures struggle to match the constantly evolving attack techniques. For certain organizations, the nature of their business renders traditional pentesting an inefficient expenditure of both time and resources. The following are the key reasons why PTaaS is needed:

penetration testing as a service

Prolonged wait periods

Conventional pentests often involve prolonged waiting periods, extending to weeks or even months. This can disrupt user experiences and development workflows. Modern PTaaS solutions have minimized this issue, allowing penetration testing within 24 hours or less.

Minimal collaboration

Traditional testing models limit collaboration between security professionals and customers, hindering effective vulnerability mitigation. PTaaS facilitates convenient interaction to ensure developers understand how to address security issues correctly.


Traditional pentesting lacks scalability, preventing the addition of updates or technologies until testing is complete. This hampers the rollout of new features. PTaaS offers the flexibility of on-demand testing, allowing you to scale tests in real-time, removing these limitations.

Benefits of PTaaS

  • 4x Faster Reporting Than Legacy Pentests: PTaaS delivers results at twice the speed of traditional penetration tests. With accelerated reporting, you gain quick insights into vulnerabilities, allowing for faster remediation and enhanced security posture.
  • Recurring & On-going Tests: PTaaS offers the advantage of recurring and continuous testing. This ongoing assessment ensures that your security remains robust in the face of evolving threats and provides real-time visibility into your security landscape.
  • Access to a Pool of Top Cybersecurity Experts: With PTaaS, you tap into a reservoir of top-tier cybersecurity experts. This access to specialized talent enhances the quality and depth of your testing, ensuring that your organization benefits from the most advanced threat intelligence available.
  • Meet Compliance Requirements: PTaaS helps you meet and exceed compliance requirements effortlessly. Regular and comprehensive testing aligns with regulatory standards, demonstrating your commitment to security and safeguarding sensitive data.
  • Remediation Support from the Best Engineers: PTaaS offers unparalleled remediation support through collaboration with highly skilled engineers. This guidance streamlines the process of addressing vulnerabilities, reducing the time and effort required to resolve security issues effectively.

A New Approach to Continuous Pentesting with Strobes

Imagine if there existed a method to simplify continuous pentests while still pinpointing crucial vulnerabilities. Strobes PTaaS introduces an effective pentesting platform precisely designed for this purpose. It combines the human expertise of pentesting with the efficiency of a SaaS delivery platform that allows for real-time collaboration and faster remediation, Strobes PTaaS provides complete visibility into your security posture through:

  • Streamlined Asset Integration: Swiftly incorporate systems and test environments without the need for manual tracking.
  • Thorough Initial Penetration Testing: Detect vulnerabilities, assess their exploitability, and validate findings through a hybrid testing approach.
  • Centralized Vulnerability Oversight: Access a unified platform for viewing, prioritizing, and addressing issues throughout your entire security program.
  • Instant Pentest Requests: Request impromptu pentests at any time, eliminating the wait for scheduled tests. Results are delivered within 24 hours or less.
  • Effective Reporting: Tailored reports offer a user-friendly overview of risks and vulnerabilities, catering to the needs of stakeholders.

The 3 Key Elements of Penetration Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS) by Strobes:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Embrace continuous vigilance against cyber threats through Strobes PTaaS relentless monitoring capabilities. Our platform diligently watches over your assets, swiftly identifies emerging risks, and provides real-time updates to maintain your defenses in a state of constant readiness.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Attain comprehensive security with Strobes PTaaS. From web and mobile to cloud and APIs, our all-inclusive approach leaves no aspect of your digital infrastructure vulnerable, guaranteeing the safeguarding of your entire ecosystem.
  • Customized Testing: Acknowledging the uniqueness of your assets and needs, our PTaaS service offers customized testing methods and scopes. This ensures a personalized evaluation precisely aligned with your security prerequisites and business goals.


PTaaS represents the modern evolution of pentesting. Embracing agile development can pose security risks, but Penetration Testing as a Service offers a superior solution. It outperforms traditional penetration testing in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness, providing much-needed relief from ongoing security threats

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