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Risk Based Vulnerability Management

Strobes RBVM simplifies vulnerability management with its all-in-one platform, streamlining the process of identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating vulnerability risks across various attack vectors. Through seamless automation, integration, and comprehensive reporting, organizations can proactively enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Security conscious brands choose Strobes

 Integrate with 100+ different connectors to start your    RBVM    journey.

 Integrate with 100+ different connectors to start your    RBVM    journey.

Vulnerability Aggregation

Unify your security data from various sources with our 100+ connectors, providing a comprehensive view of your threat landscape.

Remediation Orchestration

Take action swiftly with automated workflows that guide you through the remediation process, minimizing exposure time.


Analyze all of the ingested data into Strobes to analyze and deduplicate the vulnerabilities, thus reducing the number by manifolds.

Workflow Automation

Automate tasks from quarterly scans to JIRA ticket creation and CI/CD pipeline-triggered remote scans, all seamlessly managed within Strobes.


Identify and tackle critical vulnerabilities first through intelligent threat intelligence, ensuring efficient resource allocation

Analytics & Reporting

Customizable reports offer CXOs visibility into Security Health Risk, Organization Risk Score, resolution time, and more, enabling informed decisions.

Going beyond a vulnerability scanner

End-to-End Lifecycle Management

VM software encompasses the complete vulnerability management process, from initial discovery to remediation, tracking, and reporting.

Threat Intelligence

RBVM software offers risk-scoring mechanisms that consider various factors beyond just the severity of vulnerabilities, such as exploitability and potential impact.

Workflow Automation

RBVM software automates many aspects of vulnerability management: scanning, ticketing, notification, and even patching. This reduces manual effort, accelerates response times.


RBVM software integrates with various security tools and IT systems, allowing for seamless data sharing and improved collaboration between different teams involved in the vulnerability management process.

Remediation tracking

While vulnerability scanners primarily identify vulnerabilities, RBVM software tracks the status of each vulnerability’s remediation efforts ensuring accountability and providing insights into the progress of fixing vulnerabilities.

Adaptation to New Threats

RBVM software can incorporate threat intelligence and provide recommendations based on emerging threats, ensuring that vulnerabilities associated with the latest attack vectors are quickly addressed.

Aggregate, Enrich & Prioritize

Integrate Multiple Tools
Multiple Types Of Assets
Prioritize Right Vulnerabilities

Strobes RBVM by Numbers

Assets Ingested


Vulnerabilities managed


Exploits correlated


CVEs correlated


High risk vulnerabilities


Hours saved


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