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Our Journey In CyberSecurity

Customers Come First

Prioritizing Your Security Needs Since Day One. Our Commitment to Listening, Understanding, and Innovating for You.

  • From the early days, customers were our top priority.
  • We’ve been closely involved in our customers’ day-to-day security operations.
  • We actively listened and empathized with customers challenges.
  • Our experience quickly identified common needs among our 150 customers. Central concerns included vulnerability management. Prioritizing vulnerabilities across different teams and regions.
  • To address these challenges: We developed a platform aiming to simplify the tasks for security professionals. The platform, named “Strobes”, was launched in 2020. It originated from Strobes Security Inc., US HQ in Texas.

“In one year, we have seen that our application security posture increased multi fold.”

Ben JohnsonCTO, LegalInc Corporate Services

Redefining Cybersecurity

From Pentesting to Enterprise-Grade Solutions, Join Us as We Elevate and Disrupt the Cybersecurity Landscape.

  • Developed and refined a Continuous exposure platform.
  • Transformed the process into an Enterprise-grade solution suitable for all organizations.
  • Implementation of a validated process to efficiently address and resolve findings.
  • Equipped teams with the latest cutting-edge technology.
  • Just the beginning: an ambitious roadmap aimed at revolutionizing threat exposure space.
  • Our mission is to disrupt the traditional threat exposure space and elevate it to a modern standard.

The Platform Journey

We Eat, Sleep, & Breathe Cybersecurity


At Strobes Security, we envision a world where every digital interaction is safeguarded, and where businesses and individuals thrive in a secure cyber environment. Our commitment lies in pioneering innovative and cutting-edge security solutions, empowering our clients with peace of mind and enabling them to embrace the limitless possibilities of the digital age.


Our mission at Strobes Security is to simplify the lives of security stakeholders and enhance organizational security postures. We strive to streamline the complexities of security management, providing seamless solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly secure digital landscape.


Our passion positively impacts the industry . Customers are our everything. Innovation and speed are our driving forces. Continue to strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our people, processes, and product.

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