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Cloud Security

Cloud security is a joint effort. Leverage our cloud security assessment solutions to guarantee the scalability and evolution of your cloud infrastructure. Within our cloud security services, you’ll discover a variety of solutions spanning identity and access management, data protection, application security, and infrastructure security.

Our offerings

Cloud Security Offerings

Organizations are migrating quickly to cloud environments with hybrid and multi-cloud setups, Strobes helps you evaluate your cybersecurity standards.

Our reports are very thorough with mitigations and POCs

Cloud Pentesting

Simulate pen-testing on cloud instances and vms

Enhance security by thoroughly testing the vulnerability of AWS, GCP, and Azure platforms.

Tailor assessments to each platform's unique security challenges for a precise evaluation.

Proactively identify security gaps, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities to prevent breaches.

Cloud Configuration Reviews

Safeguard Against External Threats

Conduct in-depth cloud security assessments based on recognized standards and guidelines.

Benchmark against industry standards, such as the CIS Benchmark, to ensure robust security.

Identify misconfigurations, potential threats, and gaps to empower risk mitigation strategies.

The modern approach

The Power of Synergy

Your success is our priority, and we believe that achieving it should never be a compromise between automation and human touch. With Strobes, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring that every decision you make is guided by efficiency and expertise. Say goodbye to inefficient manual reviews as we lead the way to a future where you can save time and resources, with up to an 80% reduction in manual processes.

Where Automation Meets Human Brilliance​

Get them all

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New age cloud security testing

Why Choose Strobes for Cloud Security?

Harnessing Automation, Guided by Experts

Experience the perfect blend of advanced automation and human proficiency with Strobes for Cloud Security. Our cutting-edge automated tools swiftly perform comprehensive vulnerability assessments, while our certified cloud security specialists offer context-rich insights and actionable advice. Enjoy continuous assessment, seamless collaboration, and detailed reports that translate technical findings into effective risk mitigation strategies.

Certified Experts as Your Cloud Guardians

Within Strobes, our security team includes certified experts armed with credentials like OSCP, CREST, CRTP, CISSP, and more. They bring profound expertise and extensive experience in cloud vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and emerging threats. Their exhaustive assessments ensure no cloud risks go unnoticed, reinforcing your systems against any potential threats.

Insights for Enhanced Cloud Defense

Beyond simply listing vulnerabilities, Strobes equips you with actionable recommendations to fortify your cloud defenses. Our reports are designed for easy comprehension, enabling your teams to take prompt, effective action. Empowered with these insights, you can prioritize remediation, channel resources where they matter most, and address critical security concerns effectively.

Seamlessly Integrate into Your Tech Stack

Forge a powerful alliance by integrating Strobes seamlessly into your existing tech stack. Watch as Strobes expertly detects security issues and effortlessly pushes them to your favorite tools. Embrace efficient tracking and resolution, empowering your team to proactively enhance your cloud security with unrivaled ease and effectiveness.

Compliance frameworks

Penetration Testing Requirements Covered by Strobes








Amazing platform and Support

Our risk assessment process is totally automated and scaled through Strobes, from finding to patching a vulnerability all the communication happens on the platform and reduces a lot of time for us

Feb 2022

Enable a robust offensive security program with the help of Strobes.

With the combination of ASM, PTaaS and VM we help you achieve great progress towards building a robust CTEM program. Our best in class security experts along with an automated platform helps you in this journey.

Your digital footprint is expanding and we are here to help you!

See how vulnerability aggregation works in an enterprise environment.

Get to know how we discovered and mapped 100k assets in a large bank.

Understand how we built a scalable yet efficient system to hunt for threats.

Schedule your cloud security assessment now!

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