Internal Network Pentesting

In today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape, safeguarding your organization requires more than surface-level defenses. While external threats are crucial to address, a comprehensive security strategy must also include Internal Penetration Testing. Strobes’ internal network penetration testing empowers you to uncover vulnerabilities within your network, identify weak points, and fortify your defenses from the inside out.

The methodology

The Art of Strobes Internal Network Pentesting

We have successfully performed over 4,000 network vulnerability assessments, aiding organizations in the efficient implementation of their network defense strategies. Our approach aligns closely with the guidelines established by PTES and follows the NIST network penetration methodology.
Step 1

Planning & Reconnaissance

Step 2

Information Gathering

Step 3

Building Test Cases

Step 4

Automated Scanning

Step 5

Manul Exploitation

Step 6


The modern approach

The Power of Synergy

Your success is our priority, and we believe that achieving it should never be a compromise between automation and human touch. With Strobes, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring that every decision you make is guided by efficiency and expertise. Say goodbye to inefficient manual reviews as we lead the way to a future where you can save time and resources, with up to an 80% reduction in manual processes.

Where Automation Meets Human Brilliance​


Amazing platform and Support

Our risk assessment process is totally automated and scaled through Strobes, from finding to patching a vulnerability all the communication happens on the platform and reduces a lot of time for us

Feb 2022

Enable a robust offensive security program with the help of Strobes.

With the combination of ASM, PTaaS and VM we help you achieve great progress towards building a robust CTEM program. Our best in class security experts along with an automated platform helps you in this journey.

What Can Internal Network Pentesting Do for You?

Reveal Hidden Vulnerabilities

Internal pentesting uncovers vulnerabilities that might not be apparent through external scans, ensuring comprehensive security.

Evaluate Insider Threats

Access potential risks posed by insiders, including employees and contractors, who may have access to sensitive systems.

Test Defenses from Within

Test the effectiveness of internal security measures, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, from an attacker's perspective.

Identify Privilege Escalation Risks

Assess the risk of unauthorized privilege escalation, which could lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems.

Strengthen Security Layers

Enhance defense-in-depth strategies by identifying weaknesses that attackers could exploit to breach deeper into your network.

Actionable Recommendations

Receive detailed guidance on addressing vulnerabilities and bolstering your network security effectively.

Why us

Why Choose Strobes for External Network Pentesting?

Strobes is your trusted partner as the engagements are managed and delivered through Strobes PTaaS platform. Our expert team of skilled penetration testers leverages the Strobes PTaaS platform and latest methodologies to conduct comprehensive external pentests.
Expert Testing Team

Our skilled penetration testers possess in-depth knowledge of network vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Comprehensive Assessment

We leave no stone unturned, conducting thorough evaluations of your internal network to identify risks.

Empowering Guidance

Our reports offer actionable recommendations to enhance your security posture.

Swift Resolution

Rapid identification and resolution of critical issues minimize your exposure to potential threats.

Best at customer support

Watch as our certified expert squad (OSCP, OSWP, CREST, CEH) meticulously vet vulnerabilities and swoops in to provide immediate support, ensuring swift resolution for every issue. Say goodbye to delays during your pentest with our lightning-fast human support, just a ping away!

1 Hour Turn Around

98% Satisfaction

Get hacked by certified ethical hackers




Many Reports

Multiple reports for your needs

We offer an array of meticulously crafted reports that cater to diverse stakeholders, ensuring everyone stays in the loop with a clear understanding of your application’s security.​

Our reports are very thorough with mitigations and POCs

Executive Summary Report

Designed for non-technical stakeholders, this concise report provides a high-level summary of the assessment's key findings and their implications.

Technical Report

Delve into the specifics with our detailed technical report. It covers the assessment methodology, tools employed, and a comprehensive list of identified vulnerabilities.

Remediation Report

Leave no room for ambiguity when addressing vulnerabilities. Our remediation report offers clear steps and best practices to tackle each weakness effectively.

Compliance Report

If your web application must meet compliance standards (e.g., PCI DSS or HIPAA), our report assesses your application's alignment with these requirements.

Business Impact Analysis

For critical vulnerabilities, our analysis evaluates potential risks to your business, helping you make informed decisions to protect your bottom line.​

Recommendations and Best Practices

Beyond specific vulnerabilities, we provide a wealth of best practices and recommendations to enhance your application's overall security.

Compliance frameworks

Penetration Testing Requirements Covered by Strobes







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See how vulnerability aggregation works in an enterprise environment.

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