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Application Security Posture Management

Empower your business with complete visibility and control over your application security posture. Eliminate blind spots, prioritize threats effectively, and streamline remediation. Stop chasing shadows, take charge today.

Security conscious brands choose Strobes

Start Your Strobes ASPM Journey In Five Simple Steps


Integrate Your SDLC Ecosystem, seamlessly connecting tools and processes for uninterrupted security oversight.


Map Out Context and Criticality, prioritizing assets and vulnerabilities based on their impact on your business.


Enable Automated Security Analysis and Guardrails, embedding security within your SDLC without adding friction.


Harness Custom Insights, utilizing queries, dashboards, and reports for informed decision-making.


Foster Continuous Security Improvement, setting benchmarks for success and iterating on your security posture.

Transform your DevOps Into DevSecOps

The Strobes ASPM Advantage

  • Immediate efficiency boosts for both security and development teams, thanks to streamlined processes and clear visibility.
  • Cost-effective security management, achieved through advanced automation and enhanced process visibility.
  • Environment-specific risk prioritization, ensuring that security efforts are aligned with your unique risk landscape
  • Quick risk mitigation, supported by automated guardrails and sustained compliance efforts.
  • Improved cross-departmental collaboration, fostering a culture of security and efficiency.
Real-time visibility across applications, pipelines, SDLC systems, and teams, ensuring no blind spots in your security posture. 
Identification of security gaps, offering targeted insights for full-spectrum defense strategies.
SDLC security automation, simplifying the enforcement of security best practices and guardrails. 
Comprehensive software supply chain threat protection, safeguarding against emerging vulnerabilities and attack vectors.


Enjoy up to 42% productivity improvement, reallocating time from analysis, prioritization, and remediation to strategic security initiatives.


Gain up to 23% more time for innovation, reducing the overhead of fixing vulnerabilities and enabling a focus on building new features.


Reduce the time spent on manual security reviews and processes by up to 65% through automation, while improving the consistency and scalability of application security across the organization.

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Why Strobes ASPM

Unified Vulnerability Management For Your Application Security.

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