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Continuous pentesting involves repeatedly conducting penetration tests to uncover vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT systems and networks. While critical for security, the process can feel tedious and expensive without the right tools and approach.

A New Approach to Continuous Pentesting  

What if there was a way to streamline continuous pentests while still identifying critical vulnerabilities? Strobes PTaaS offers an efficient pentesting platform that does just that. By combining automated scans with manual validation, Strobes PTaaS provides complete visibility into your security posture through:

  • Easy asset onboarding: Quickly add systems and environments to be tested without manual tracking.  
  • Initial comprehensive pentest: Identifies vulnerabilities, analyzes exploitability, and validates findings through hybrid testing.   
  • Centralized vulnerability management: Gives a single place to view, prioritize, and remediate issues across the entire security program.
  • On-demand pentests: Request ad hoc pentests anytime without waiting for the next scheduled test. Results in 24 hours or less.
  • Efficient reporting: Custom reports provide an easy-to-understand view into risks and vulnerabilities for stakeholders. Includes features like vulnerability tracking, test result comparisons, and asset risk summaries.

With Strobes PTaaS, organizations can save time and money on their security programs while gaining actionable insights. But how exactly does Strobes PTaaS simplify continuous pentesting? Let’s explore further.

Simplifying Through Automation and Integration  

Strobes PTaaS automates many of the repetitive tasks required for continuous pentesting like asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and report generation. At the same time, it provides human pentesters with a platform to focus their skills on validating and prioritizing the issues that matter most.  

Some of the key features that simplify the continuous pentesting process include:

1. Easy Onboarding of Assets   

Strobes PTaaS makes it simple to add entire environments and systems to your testing scope. Rather than tracking assets manually, you can onboard them quickly so your pentesters have a complete view of what needs to be tested.

2. Hybrid Testing Framework   

By combining automated vulnerability scanning with manual validation, the Strobes PTaaS platform helps identify both simple and complex vulnerabilities efficiently. Pentesters can focus their time on the issues that require human analysis and expertise.  

3. Centralized Vulnerability Management

With a centralized dashboard, Strobes PTaaS gives you a single place to view, track, compare, and remediate vulnerabilities across your entire security program. Vulnerabilities can be prioritized based on criticality so your team knows what needs to be fixed first.

4. Quick Turnaround for On-Demand Pentests  

Need an ad hoc pentest on short notice? Strobes PTaaS can deliver results in 24 hours or less for on-demand tests. Rather than waiting weeks or months for the next scheduled pentest, you can request a test and get results quickly.  

5. Meaningful Reporting  

Strobes PTaaS provides customized reporting that helps stakeholders understand risks and priorities. Interactive reports give both high-level overviews and granular details for vulnerabilities. Features like vulnerability trend analysis, test result comparisons, and asset risk summaries provide context around your security posture over time.


With cyber risks on the rise, continuous pentesting has become essential for security. However, managing the process efficiently is challenging without the right tools and platform. Strobes PTaaS solves this problem through automation, integration, and human pentester support. By easing asset onboarding, centralizing vulnerability management, providing on-demand testing with fast results, and delivering meaningful reporting, Strobes PTaaS gives organizations an affordable way to strengthen their security posture. With Strobes PTaaS, you can focus less on pentesting logistics and more on interpreting results and mitigating risks.  

Overall, Strobes PTaaS allows you to simplify continuous pentests so you can gain valuable insights into your security, not get lost in never-ending cycles of tests. As threats become more advanced, a platform built for efficient and continual testing may be key to protecting your organization.

If you’re ready to optimize your continuous pentesting process, request a demo to see how Strobes PTaaS can help. The platform provides an automated yet human-centric solution to improve your security program, simplify compliance, and give stakeholders confidence in your cyber defenses.

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