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Security conscious brands choose Strobes

Penetration Testing Requirements Covered by Strobes

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With our expertise, we ensure that every possible vulnerability is identified and addressed, providing you with a robust cybersecurity posture.

Our pentesting coverage

We cover almost everything under the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing solutions.

Web App Security

Thorough evaluation of web applications to uncover vulnerabilities, ensuring robust online security and safeguarding user data.

Mobile App Security

Comprehensive testing of mobile applications to identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring data protection and user privacy on mobile devices.

API Security

Rigorous assessment of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for security loopholes, ensuring secure & seamless data exchange between software components.

Network Security

In-depth analysis of network infrastructure to pinpoint weaknesses, enhance overall network security, and protect digital communication channels.

Cloud Security

Evaluation of cloud-based systems for vulnerabilities, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data stored in cloud environments.

Red Teaming

Simulated real-world cyber-attacks to assess an organization’s security posture, identifying weaknesses and enhancing defenses against sophisticated threats.

Social Engineering

Assessments focusing on employees’ susceptibility to manipulation, raising awareness about social engineering threats, and bolstering staff resilience.

Endpoint Security

Targeted evaluations secure individual devices, such as computers and mobile devices, against malware, unauthorized access, and data breaches.

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