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In today’s world, cyber threats are becoming more frequent and advanced, making it crucial to ensure that your organization has robust cybersecurity defenses. A technique to achieve this is by performing penetration testing, where simulated attacks are carried out on your systems to detect weaknesses that cybercriminals could take advantage of. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that not all penetration testing firms are the same, which is where using CREST accredited penetration testing providers plays a critical role.

What is CREST?

Established in 2006, CREST membership body aims to enhance the cybersecurity industry globally. CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) is an international organization that provides accreditation and certification to companies and individuals in the field of penetration testing. CREST was established with the mission to build capability, capacity, consistency, and collaboration in the cybersecurity industry globally through services that nurture, measure, and improve the performance of individuals and organizations. CREST holds its members to high standards, ensuring that they have the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethical standards to conduct effective and responsible penetration testing. 

CREST accredited penetration testing

CREST accredited penetration testing is a pentesting service offered by organizations that have been assessed, vetted, & accredited by the CREST body. The penetration tests provided by such companies & the professionals working in them are extremely trustworthy and are even employed for assessing governmental assets and for testing the security of other confidential information. 

How can your organization benefit from working with a CREST Accredited company?

By choosing a CREST-accredited company for your penetration testing needs, you can benefit in several ways, including:

  • Quality and credibility: CREST-accredited companies have undergone rigorous testing and have been found to meet the highest standards of quality and credibility.
  • Ethical and professional standards: CREST-accredited companies adhere to strict ethical and professional standards. This ensures that your organization’s sensitive data and information are protected.
  • Access to the latest tools and technologies: CREST-accredited companies have access to the latest tools and technologies. This allows them to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks effectively.

Why choose Strobes Security?

Strobes Security is CREST-accredited for penetration testing services. We also offer PTaaS (Penetration testing as a service) to clients across various industries. We have a team of experienced penetration testers with expertise in various technology stacks. Our methodology is based on industry standards and best practices, including OWASP and OSSTMM, and is designed to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and provide recommendations for remediation.

By bringing the power of automation and people together, Strobes will help you meet compliance and security needs much faster. This new hybrid methodology powered by analyticsreporting and automation is the best way to do pentesting.

benefits of strobes ptaas


Choosing a CREST-accredited company for penetration testing is wise. CREST-accredited companies have met rigorous standards, so you can be confident in the quality and credibility of their work. They also adhere to strict ethical and professional guidelines, which help to protect your sensitive data and information. Additionally, CREST-accredited companies have access to the latest tools and technologies, which can help them to identify and mitigate risks more effectively.


  1. What is CREST certification?

CREST certification is a process through which companies and individuals are assessed and certified for their proficiency in technical security testing, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and incident response.

  1. What are the benefits of working with a CREST accredited company?

Working with a CREST accredited company provides assurance of quality, adherence to industry standards, ethical behavior, expertise, and cost-effectiveness.

  1. How is CREST certification different from other security certifications?

CREST certification is specific to technical security testing, whereas other security certifications may cover a broader range of security topics. CREST certification also requires companies and individuals to adhere to strict codes of ethics.

  1. How does a company become CREST accredited?

To become CREST accredited , a company must undergo a rigorous assessment process, which includes an audit of their policies and procedures, a technical assessment of their security testing capabilities, and a review of their staff qualifications and experience.

  1. How can I verify if a company is CREST accredited ?

You can verify if a company is CREST accredited by checking the CREST website, which maintains a directory of certified companies and individuals.

  1. Is CREST certification recognized by regulatory bodies?

Yes, CREST certification is recognized by regulatory bodies in many countries, including the UK, Australia, and Singapore.

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