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Pentesting as a Service

Our Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) offers a personalized, cost-effective, and offense-driven approach to safeguard your digital assets. With a team of seasoned experts and advanced pen-testing methodologies, Strobes PTaaS provides actionable insights to improve your security posture by multifold.

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Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) seamlessly combines the power of manual, human-driven testing with a state-of-the-art delivery platform. It’s all about effortlessly setting up ongoing pentest programs, complete with integrations for smooth operation and easy reporting. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of procuring pentests one by one. To truly appreciate the benefits of a PtaaS platform, you need to dive in and witness the innovative delivery model in action for yourself. It’s an experience like no other!

Continuous and Ondemand Pentesting at your fingertips

How to get started

Start pentesting in just 4 steps!

#1 - Add Assets

Create assets with required details like URL, IP, business sensitivity etc.

#2 - Add Engagements

Provide us with the information like scope, VPN details And test accounts

#3 - Schedule

Set up the assessments today or for next month, the platform will notify you automatically

#4 - Kickoff

The assessment will kick off in less than 24 hours

Engagement models

We are committed to become your trusted security partner

Ad hoc Assessments

On-demand security assessments anytime. Just signup or use your existing account to request pen-test at any point of time.

Managed Assessments

An annual engagement to systematically assess your digital assets. Perfect for enterprises who do frequent changes.

The modern approach

The Power of Synergy

Your success is our priority, and we believe that achieving it should never be a compromise between automation and human touch. With Strobes, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring that every decision you make is guided by efficiency and expertise. Say goodbye to inefficient manual reviews as we lead the way to a future where you can save time and resources, with up to an 80% reduction in manual processes.

Where Automation Meets Human Brilliance​

Best at customer support

Watch as our certified expert squad (OSCP, OSWP, CREST, CEH) meticulously vet vulnerabilities and swoops in to provide immediate support, ensuring swift resolution for every issue. Say goodbye to delays during your pentest with our lightning-fast human support, just a ping away!

1 Hour Turn Around

98% Satisfaction

Get hacked by certified ethical hackers




Many Reports

Multiple reports for your needs

We offer an array of meticulously crafted reports that cater to diverse stakeholders, ensuring everyone stays in the loop with a clear understanding of your application’s security.​

Our reports are very thorough with mitigations and POCs

Executive Summary Report

Designed for non-technical stakeholders, this concise report provides a high-level summary of the assessment's key findings and their implications.

Technical Report

Delve into the specifics with our detailed technical report. It covers the assessment methodology, tools employed, and a comprehensive list of identified vulnerabilities.

Remediation Report

Leave no room for ambiguity when addressing vulnerabilities. Our remediation report offers clear steps and best practices to tackle each weakness effectively.

Compliance Report

If your web application must meet compliance standards (e.g., PCI DSS or HIPAA), our report assesses your application's alignment with these requirements.

Business Impact Analysis

For critical vulnerabilities, our analysis evaluates potential risks to your business, helping you make informed decisions to protect your bottom line.​

Recommendations and Best Practices

Beyond specific vulnerabilities, we provide a wealth of best practices and recommendations to enhance your application's overall security.

Our offerings

We cover almost everything under pentesting!

Our unique testing methodology involves both automated and manual pentesting that helps us uncover most of the vulnerabilities and keep you away from breaches

Our reports are very thorough with mitigations and POCs

Application Security

Protect your business-critical applications from cyber threats with Strobes' comprehensive application security solutions. Our expert team conducts in-depth assessments, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and delivers actionable recommendations to fortify your applications against attacks.

Network Security

Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your network with Strobes' robust network security offerings. We conduct thorough audits, implement effective controls, and provide real-time threat monitoring to defend against potential intrusions.

Cloud Security

Protect your business-critical applications from cyber threats with Strobes' comprehensive application security solutions. Our expert team conducts in-depth assessments, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and delivers actionable recommendations to fortify your applications against attacks.

Breach & Attack Simulation

Strengthen your overall security posture with Strobes' breach and attack simulation. Our simulated attacks help you assess your defenses, identify security gaps, and enhance your incident response capabilities, enabling you to be well-prepared for real-world threats.


A key platform for Vulnerability scanning and Application Security assessment

Strobes is an easy-to-use platform. It gives repeatable and consistent results. Very accurate. Results are easy to read and interpret.Β 

March 2022

Platform driven for real-time results & collaboration

Experience an incredible 80% reduction in manual review efforts. Our proprietary platform harnesses the capabilities of automation, allowing you to focus on critical tasks.Β 

Integrate with your favorite tools

Integrate with best of platforms

Integrate Strobes PTaaS with you IP ops platforms to stay upto date with vulnerabilities and engagement status.

New age pentesting

What makes Strobes different ?

Automation and Scheduling

Traditional pen-testing is often a one-time engagement, leaving organizations exposed to new and emerging threats. Strobes PTaaS offers automated scheduling, allowing for regular testing intervals, and keeping your security measures up-to-date and proactive.

Risk Scoring and Prioritization

With conventional pen-testing, identifying vulnerabilities can be overwhelming, making it challenging to prioritize remediation efforts. Strobes PTaaS employs advanced risk scoring, categorizing vulnerabilities based on their severity, ensuring you focus on the most critical issues first.

Real-Time Mitigation Strategies

Unlike standard pen-testing, where reports are typically delivered after the assessment, Strobes PTaaS provides real-time mitigation strategies as we identify vulnerabilities. This empowers your team to take immediate action and reduce potential exposure.

Compliance frameworks

Penetration Testing Requirements Covered by Strobes







Your digital footprint is expanding and we are here to help you!

See how vulnerability aggregation works in an enterprise environment.

Get to know how we discovered and mapped 100k assets in a large bank.

Understand how we built a scalable yet efficient system to hunt for threats.

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