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One Platform For All The Offensive Security Needs

In the ever-evolving digital world, cybersecurity isn’t just about preventing breaches. It’s about understanding assets, proactively addressing vulnerabilities, and ensuring the organization’s security posture remains agile. 

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One of the first CTEM platform

Choose Strobes As Your Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Strobes is among the world’s first cybersecurity platforms specifically designed for end-to-end continuous threat exposure management. This ensures that organizations are equipped with cutting-edge tools and methodologies to address evolving cyber threats.​

Pioneering Platform

Proactive Asset Management​

Beyond just identifying vulnerabilities, Strobes offers comprehensive Asset Discovery & Management. This means organizations can proactively understand, manage, and protect their digital assets, ensuring a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Continuous Scanning & Monitoring

With Strobes, organizations benefit from continuous vulnerability scanning and real-time monitoring. This ensures that potential threats are detected as they emerge, allowing for immediate response and mitigation.

Integrated & Comprehensive Reporting

Strobes doesn't just identify and manage threats; it offers seamless Integration Capabilities and comprehensive Reporting & Dashboards. This ensures that organizations have a clear view of their security posture, can integrate with other tools seamlessly, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Charting Your Continuous Threat Exposure Journey

Asset discovery & management at scale

Discover Assets At Scale

Rapidly identify and catalog every digital asset across your enterprise, ensuring comprehensive oversight and a complete security view.

Identify Crown Jewels

Pinpoint your organization’s most valuable digital assets, enabling a targeted and priority-driven approach to security and risk management.

Integrate with CMDB & Cloud Providers

Seamlessly amalgamate data from Configuration Management Databases and cloud solutions, offering a unified and up-to-date asset repository.

Vulnerability Scanning & Management

Scan For Mis-configurations & Vulnerabilities

Proactively detect potential security loopholes and weaknesses, minimizing the window of vulnerability and enhancing asset security.

Aggregate All Vulnerabilities At One Place

Centralize vulnerability data, streamlining the review and mitigation processes, and fostering swift decision-making.

Use Advanced Filters To Speed Up VM Process By 10X

Efficiently sift through vulnerability data using intuitive filters, drastically accelerating the Vulnerability Management (VM) process.

Notifications & Escalations

Setup SLA Policies

Establish Service Level Agreements, ensuring timely threat responses and maintaining robust security compliance.

Build Custom Workflows

Personalize and automate workflows in alignment with your organizational processes, maximizing efficiency and responsiveness.

Integrate with Slack, MS Teams, Email, Outgoing hooks and More.

Facilitate real-time alerts and communication through your preferred channels, enhancing collaboration and ensuring timely responses.

Risk Based Prioritization

Ingest & Correlate with Threat Intel

Incorporate global threat intelligence, enriching your security perspective and facilitating context-driven vulnerability patching.

Use 3D correlation To Prioritize Threats

Employ multi-dimensional analysis to evaluate and prioritize threats based on various factors, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Get Guided Remediation On What To Fix First

Benefit from actionable insights that steer remediation efforts, ensuring effective and timely threat mitigation.

Integration Capabilities

Run Open Source Scanners

Utilize a range of open-source scanning tools to detect vulnerabilities, enhancing your security toolset’s versatility.

Integrate With Commercial Vulnerability Scanners

Enhance your security landscape by seamlessly connecting with leading commercial scanning solutions, ensuring vulnerability aggregation.

Send Vulnerabilities To Jira & ServiceNow

Automate the reporting and management of vulnerabilities using integrations with popular platforms like Jira and ServiceNow, streamlining security operations.

Reporting & Dashboards

Access To 100+ Default Widgets

Harness a wide array of pre-configured widgets, facilitating at-a-glance insights and efficient data visualization.

Ability To Create Customized Dashboards

Craft dashboards tailored to specific roles or objectives, ensuring relevant and actionable insights for all stakeholders.

Templating Library

Leverage a comprehensive library of templates to generate reports and visualizations, simplifying data presentation and enhancing understanding.

Amazing platform and Support

Our risk assessment process is totally automated and scaled through Strobes, from finding to patching a vulnerability all the communication happens on the platform and reduces a lot of time for us

Feb 2022

Enable a robust offensive security program with the help of Strobes.

With the combination of ASM, PTaaS and VM we help you achieve great progress towards building a robust CTEM program. Our best in class security experts along with an automated platform helps you in this journey.

Your digital footprint is expanding and we are here to help you!

See how vulnerability aggregation works in an enterprise environment.

Get to know how we discovered and mapped 100k assets in a large bank.

Understand how we built a scalable yet efficient system to hunt for threats.

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