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There aren’t enough hours in the day for people who work in cybersecurity. Every day, thousands of new vulnerabilities can be found by scans, but there isn’t much time left over for remediation because it takes so long to prioritize them. If your organization is currently or may be heading in this direction, you might be considering a managed security service provider (MSSP) to close the vulnerability gaps in your network infrastructure. 

Why are SMB and SME turning to MSSP?

An intriguing fact is that SMBs and SMEs are shifting to MSSPs to secure their businesses because they simply do not have the resources to manage an effective security technology stack. Analysis and optimization capabilities are more likely to be valued by MSSP users. The primary goal of MSSP is to improve market differentiation, gain a better understanding of what to do next, and comply with regulations and requirements. However, it’s also challenging for MSSPs to piece together an effective but manageable security technology stack to protect their clients, especially at an affordable price point.

As the MSSP market shifts, customers are demanding greater flexibility and options, as well as scalability. This is where Strobes Security comes in and can help MSSPs boost their profitability from SMB and SME and improve their protections. Vulnerability management is heating up within the MSSP market as these security service providers stand to gain tremendous financial and operational benefits from this nascent technology. Strobes Security promises far better security outcomes at a lower cost than the current security stack approaches most MSSPs currently have in place.

Why do MSSPs need to include a Vulnerability Management Platform in their portfolio?

The weight of responsibility is oppressive for MSSPs with several clients who are all exposed to a growing number of fresh vulnerabilities every day. Wouldn’t it be great if there were ways to increase your team’s productivity? Fortunately, there are. Strobes VM365 was designed from the start to make MSSPs more efficient and effective at managing vulnerability and risk information for their clients.

Although automation and orchestration platforms have been available for some time, the introduction of next-generation vulnerability management has piqued the public’s interest. The process of detecting, assessing, and reporting security flaws in systems and the software that runs on them is referred to as vulnerability management. Organizations must prioritize potential threats and reduce their “attack surface,” which enables MSSPs to reduce manual tasks across the board and “close the loop” with full-lifecycle, automated incident response, and proactive threat hunting. 

Strobes VM365, which is unique among security tools, enables an MSSP to transform its business. This blog will highlight four outcomes that are currently driving transformative change in vulnerability management.

  1. High-Value Capabilities – MSSPs use vulnerability management to differentiate themselves and expand the range of services and revenue they can generate. Even if you are only monitoring alerts for your clients, Vulnerability Management allows you to integrate with all of their alert and threat intelligence sources. As a result, you’ll be able to drive alerting from more sources while also providing more comprehensive triage, correlation, and enrichment.
  2. Improves Analyst to Customer ratios – Increasing margins is more than just offering new services. With a scarcity of cyber security analysts, MSSPs that can scale their customer base without adding additional resources have a significant competitive advantage. Many MSSPs have been able to meet their ambitious growth targets thanks to the operational efficiencies gained through vulnerability management.
  3. Eliminating False Positives – When it comes to alert triage and wasting time we’re going to make a bold claim here, that all the time spent on false positives is the single biggest time- waster for security analysts—and the single biggest threat to an MSSP’s margins. Unlike other methods for reducing false positives, such as relying on perfectly tuned SIEM rules, the ability of Vulnerability Management tools to run automated triage playbooks makes it a safe way to reduce alert volume without the risk of missing something critical.
  4. Onboard New Clients – Scaling your business is difficult if you have to use a large number of resources to onboard a new client. Fortunately, the Vulnerability Management tool accelerates and simplifies the onboarding of new customers. MSSPs can drive alerting from their clients’ toolkits, regardless of whether those clients use the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments.

What Benefits is Strobes Security providing to MSSPs?  

Before delving into each approach, let’s recap the key benefits we’ve heard that strobes could potentially provide to MSSPs.

  1. Correlate security data to increase accuracy and group alerts into incidents.
  2. Increase the scope, coordination, and automation of response actions throughout the environment.
  3. Improved threat visibility.
benefits to mssps

The ultimate benefit of these capabilities is improved security outcomes over and above what would be obtained by purchasing and integrating a traditional set of security technologies. MSSPs may be able to reduce staff dependency by significantly reducing manual investigations and response requirements as a result of improved automation.

Strobes Partner Enablement Network (SPEN)

Strobes Security has designed the Strobes Partner Enablement Network (SPEN) program to empower MSSPs with the resources and tools they need to protect their customers while improving their operational efficiency and costs. There are few goals of this program –

  1. Build a  Profitable and Healthy relationship  – Developing a harmonious relationship that accelerates delivery while maintaining quality, ensuring operational excellence, and contributing to the goal of disrupting the vulnerability management space.
  2. On- Demand products will Grow business– The Vulnerability Management and DevSecOps landscapes are both expanding at a double-digit rate. This is an excellent time to enter this market and investigate technologically advanced products.
  3. “Pay as you grow” Pricing Policy – SPEN has a “Pay as you Grow” pricing model that allows you to deliver service offerings that meet the varying needs and budgets of your customer base. The reduced Reseller/MSSP pricing, combined with the platform’s flexible deployment options, allows you to maintain a competitive advantage.

Why Partner with Strobes Security?

Collaboration and communication are two of the most important aspects of any business, which is why they’re worth investing in. Strobes Security supports MSSPs worldwide with our Vulnerability Management Tool Strobes VM365 and enables high-value, highly differentiated MDR services with full multi-tenancy, which allows you to completely separate client sites, data, and playbooks.

Strobes VM365 is a one-stop shop for all security stakeholders, ensuring that the business is well-protected against technical issues and security threats. Strobes Security supports your investments, whether they are in a web application, mobile app, API, cloud instance, host, or network component, by acting as an all-around security solution that ensures comprehensive risk mitigation.

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