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The Complete Stack To Enable CTEM

Attack Surface Management

Pentesting as a Service

Risk Based Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerabilities Reported
Penetration Testing Performed
Reduction in Mean Time to Remediate
Improvement in Time-to-compliance

Why Choose us as Your Security Partner?

Unified Solution for Maximum ROI

Strobes seamlessly integrates Attack Surface Management (ASM), Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), and Vulnerability Management (VM) into a unified solution, providing comprehensive coverage across your entire attack surface.

Continuous Monitoring

Our integrated platform ensures continuous asset monitoring, swiftly identifying emerging vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. Strobes enable proactive risk mitigation, preventing exploitation before it can occur.

Efficient Cost Management

Strobes streamlines security operations, reducing time, effort, and costs. Maximize your security investments with a cost-effective approach that ensures efficiency without compromising on protection.

Reporting & Analytics

Strobes goes beyond mere data analysis, providing actionable insights derived from comprehensive assessments. Empower your security posture with strategic insights that fortify your defenses intelligently.

Where Automation Meets Human Brilliance

Your success is our priority, and we believe that achieving it should never be a compromise between automation and human touch. With Strobes, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring that every decision you make is guided by efficiency and expertise. Say goodbye to inefficient manual reviews as we lead the way to a future where you can save time and resources, with up to an 80% reduction in manual processes.

The Power of Synergy

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