Vulnerability Correlation & Security Orchestration

Strobes will help your organization to correlate vulnerabilities from different sources and can be easily integrated into your CI/CD pipeline.

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Correlation Module

Vulnerability Correlation

Aggregate vulnerabilities from various infrastructure, application & cloud scanners into strobes platform. The correlation module does a hybrid analysis which automatically helps you in deduping and prioritizing vulnerabilities while you can focus on just fixing them.

Security Orchestration Module

Setup scan triggers & alerts.

The platforms connects with over 40+ vulnerability scanners, tracking & communication tools. With the help of the connectors, you can orchestrate security in as low as 3 steps and the best thing it integrates into your CI/CD pipeline with no hassle.

  • Integrate SAST Scanners
  • Integrate DAST Scanners
  • Integrate Infrastructure Scanners
  • Integrate Email, Slack, Jira & more
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Risk Management Module

Prioritize vulnerabilities automatically

With machine learning the risk management module analyses over 1 million vulnerabilities from different feeds and helps you to identify vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited in the wild.


Multiple use cases can be solved using Strobes

Strobes as a platform integrates different security stakeholders to be on the same page, have complete visibility on the security posture.

Report Exports

Using Strobes a user can export reports in different formats including HTML, PDF & JSON.

Rest API

Users can integrate services and automate scans using the rest API.


Strobes provides role-based access controls to maintain strict access controls between users.

Machine Learning

Strobes aggregates vulnerabilities from various different sources to rightly prioritize vulnerabilities.


Strobes can be used along with our managed services to make your whole organization security solid.

Managed DevSecOps

  • CI/CD implementation
  • Custom Connectors
  • Full Security Automation
  • Phone Support

Security As A Service

  • Manual Code Review
  • Manual Application VAPT
  • Network Pentest
  • Zero False Positives

Remote Triage

  • Triage Vulnerabilities
  • Assign Vulnerabilities
  • Training
  • Phone Support



The platform has multiple in-built open source connectors that help you in automating SAST, DAST & Infrastructure scanning. Apart from in-built Strobes also supports widely used commercial scanners as well.


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