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Software Supply Chain Security with Strobes

Strobes empowers your developers to build secure software by integrating essential security checks seamlessly into their daily tools. Protect your first-party code, open-source libraries, container images, and cloud infrastructure from within the environment they know best.

The Challenges with Open Source Software

Open-source software (OSS) has become the foundation of modern development. It fuels innovation, offering developers pre-built components, libraries, and frameworks for rapid application construction and deployment. OSS accelerates time-to-market, reduces development costs, and fosters a collaborative environment within large communities.

However, along with benefits, the reliance on open-source software introduces unique security challenges for organizations:

Vulnerabilities in the Supply Chain

A single vulnerability in a widely used OSS dependency can have cascading effects on numerous applications. Recent events like Log4j highlight such far-reaching consequences.

Unmanaged Dependencies and Outdated Components

Open-source project versions evolve quickly, requiring constant vigilance to patch against newly discovered security flaws. Neglecting updates leaves systems exposed.

License Compliance

Open-source licenses often carry specific obligations for redistribution and modification. Without diligent tracking, organizations risk unintended license violations with legal repercussions.

The Strobes Solution

Strobes addresses these software supply chain security challenges by integrating robust open-source security into its continuous risk-based vulnerability management platform. Our solution provides

Comprehensive Visibility with SBOM

Strobes automatically generates detailed Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs), revealing your full open-source component inventory across infrastructure, applications, and container environments.

Actionable Vulnerability Intelligence

Strobes matches known vulnerabilities (CVEs) against your SBOMs, prioritizing risks based on their severity, exploitability in your production environment, and potential business impact.

Shift-Left Security (ASOC)

With seamless Git integration (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) Strobes embeds security checks into CI/CD pipelines. Developers are alerted to vulnerabilities within pull requests, preventing risky code from reaching production.

Streamlined Compliance

Strobes’ reporting and audit-ready SBOMs significantly simplify the process of demonstrating compliance with open-source licensing and security standards.

Apply security best practices

across the supply chain



Strobes automatically generates comprehensive Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) for your environment. These SBOMs encompass not just the open-source components you directly include, but also the often extensive transitive dependencies throughout your container images, and applications. This foundational inventory is crucial for the next steps.


Vulnerability Intelligence

Strobes integrates with leading vulnerability databases and threat intelligence feeds. We go beyond simple CVE matching –  our platform prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their actual exploitability within your production environment, impact on sensitive data, and associated business risks.

Developer Enabled

Build Secure Applications

Git-Centric Workflows with seamless integration into popular Git platforms (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket) and support for webhook triggers, Strobes scans code repositories upon commits or pull requests. Integrating automated security checks directly into the developer workflow enables early detection and collaborative resolution of vulnerabilities.

Build a Secure Software Supply Chain with Strobes

Risk Reduction

Proactive vulnerability discovery at the earliest stages, coupled with contextual risk prioritization, significantly minimizes the attack surface related to open-source libraries and outdated dependencies

Streamlined DevSecOps

By integrating security into CI/CD pipelines and empowering developers with early feedback through Git integrations, Strobes facilitates collaboration. This enables security without sacrificing development agility

Reduced Operational Costs

Automated discovery, vulnerability intelligence, and shift-left approaches reduce the time and manpower security and development teams traditionally spend chasing down problems manually or battling false positives.

Enhanced Compliance Made Easy with Strobes

By simplifying compliance processes, Strobes empowers you to focus on what matters most – building and delivering secure software:

Secure your Software Foundation: Open Source Security Solution

Mitigate vulnerabilities, build trust, and empower collaboration with comprehensive open-source security practices.

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Streamlined Vulnerability Tracking

Maintain a historical record of all vulnerability assessments and remediations within the platform

Clear License Compliance Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of all open-source licenses used in your deployed applications.

Effortless SBOM Generation

Strobes automatically generates comprehensive and audit-ready Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs).

Build with Confidence

  • Seamlessly integrate Strobes into your existing development tools and pipelines (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, CI/CD pipelines).
  • Automate security checks throughout your development cycle, empowering developers to identify and fix vulnerabilities early on, preventing risky code from reaching production.
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