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Breach & Attack Simulation Services

Breach and Attack Simulation is more than a service; it’s your window into a world of preparedness. Evaluate your security posture through simulated cyberattacks, identify vulnerabilities, and enhance incident response readiness. Discover how Strobes helps you proactively safeguard your digital assets.

Our offerings

Breach Simulation As A Service

Evaluate organization’s security posture by simulating attacks on technology, people and process.

Our reports are very thorough with mitigations and POCs

Red Teaming

Think Like an Attacker. Redefine Your Defense

Modern attackers employ a myriad of techniques to breach organizations. Building resilience against these tactics is really necessary. Our Red Team Assessment services identify security loopholes exploited by APT groups, helping you fix vulnerabilities and prevent breaches effectively.

Assumed breach

From Within or Beyond, We Secure It All

Embrace a proactive stance with our Assumed Breach service. We acknowledge the possibility of attackers already being inside your network. Our approach focuses on constant vigilance, early threat detection, and rapid incident response to minimize potential damage from undetected breaches.

The modern approach

The Power of Synergy

Your success is our priority, and we believe that achieving it should never be a compromise between automation and human touch. With Strobes, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring that every decision you make is guided by efficiency and expertise. Say goodbye to inefficient manual reviews as we lead the way to a future where you can save time and resources, with up to an 80% reduction in manual processes.

Where Automation Meets Human Brilliance​

Why Choose Strobes for Breach & Attack Simulation?​

Proactive Defense

Ensuring systems are secured before attacks occur.

Real-world Testing

Simulating attacks to gauge actual system response.

Improved Investments

Guiding security budget allocation based on tested vulnerabilities.

Identify Weaknesses

Spotting vulnerabilities that routine tests may miss.

Training Opportunities

Improving response time and strategy by practicing against real threats.

Risk Management

Understanding potential threats helps in better risk assessment.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting standards set by industry or governmental bodies.

Stakeholder Assurance

Demonstrating commitment to security to customers and investors.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly updating and refining defense mechanisms.

Compliance frameworks

Penetration Testing Requirements Covered by Strobes







Attack vectors

Simulate Multiple Attack Vectors

Phishing Attacks


Web application Attacks

Privilege Escalations

Lateral Movements

Data Exfiltration


Amazing platform and Support

Our risk assessment process is totally automated and scaled through Strobes, from finding to patching a vulnerability all the communication happens on the platform and reduces a lot of time for us

Feb 2022

Enable a robust offensive security program with the help of Strobes.

With the combination of ASM, PTaaS and VM we help you achieve great progress towards building a robust CTEM program. Our best in class security experts along with an automated platform helps you in this journey.

Your digital footprint is expanding and we are here to help you!

See how vulnerability aggregation works in an enterprise environment.

Get to know how we discovered and mapped 100k assets in a large bank.

Understand how we built a scalable yet efficient system to hunt for threats.

Schedule your breach attack simulation now!

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